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Police Wellness Resources

There are a growing number of wellness resources tailored for law enforcement. We put together a guide of our top five websites for finding the best tools out there.

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Mindfulness for Police

Police officers are at high risk of many forms of mental illness. Practicing mindfulness is a proven method of reducing this risk and building resilience in the law enforcement community.

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Police and PTSD

Police officers face traumatic experiences frequently throughout their careers, and many would argue that it is part of their job. Processing this trauma and developing a resilience to its aftereffects is necessary for a healthy and effective police force.

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Compassion Fatigue

Officers experience both physiological and psychological stress as a result of their jobs. These factors, in addition to issues such as public criticism, put officers at notably high risk for compassion fatigue.

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10 Things Officers Wish the Public Understood

Police officers experience various unique situations throughout their careers. Many of which, the public could not even begin to understand. As a result, it seems that there are many misconceptions regarding what it means to work in law enforcement and about police officers in general. Because of this, it is important for the public to …

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Police Wellness Programs

Police officer wellness is in a critical state. Research shows that high amounts of stress within this profession has led to mental health concerns such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression. And a failure to support police officer wellness has contributed to a concerning increase in police officer suicide. A police officer’s main job is to …

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