Police Wellness

There is a growing belief that psychology research can and should be used not only to identify pathological psychological conditions but also to identify and promote adaptive psychological states as well. The promotion of well-being is a manifestation of this growing belief (Farmer & Cotter, 2021).

Graduation and pinning ceremony for Greenville Fire/Rescue's Academy 11, July 18, 2018. Original public domain image from Flickr

Reaching Officers Where They Are

Our flagship program in Arlington County, Virginia represents the first step in supporting the behavioral health of first responders nationwide. Get in touch if you would like your department to be next.

Officers enrolled in a police wellness program with us can access their portal by clicking the button below.

Police mental health and wellness is community mental health and wellness as there is a correlational relationship. CFBH serves our officers by providing a research-driven mental health and wellness program to support and maintain the well-being of our officers, and, in turn, they can provide the best support to the community.

Proven Methods To Protect Officer Wellness

Our work to advance behavioral healthcare is rooted in a passion for psychological science. We partner with organizations that provide empirically tested and culturally competent services to deliver wellness programs that work.

Building A Program With Values

Supporting public safety forces requires thoughtful, organized action. These values add to our foundational values, providing more specific guidance for helping police officers thrive.



We care about the impacts of stress and trauma on public safety forces.



We recognize the service that public safety forces provide to our communities.



We believe that organizations, community members and public safety agencies have a collaborative responsibility to create safe and healthy communities.

Advancing our understanding of Behavioral Health

Read more of our thought-leadership on behavioral health problems affecting the police and first responders.