Advancing behavioral healthcare through research, education and service.


Psychology for the Greatest Good

At the Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health, we believe access to proven and effective behavioral healthcare allows people to realize their full potential and lead lives of dignity and purpose.


Delivering Results, Driving Change

We pursue innovative opportunities to advance professional psychology and behavioral healthcare in ways that positively impact society.


“The conviction that everyone deserves accessible mental healthcare energized Dr. Nicholas Cummings during his lifetime. His profound legacy motivates us to challenge the status quo, pioneer new programs and inspire others to bring best practices to their communities.”

Dorothy, Andrew and Janet Cummings

The Values That Help Us Thrive

Advancing the profession of psychology requires intentional, reasoned action. The work we do in education, research and service is given purpose by these values that guide us.

Embrace Change and Growth

Our goals are best accomplished by being open to new ideas. To this end, we seek out opportunities to broaden our knowledge and experiences. We reexamine our preconceptions and biases.

Learn Continuously
Act with Integrity
Prioritize Collaboration
Commit Fully