Pursuing innovative opportunities to advance professional psychology and behavioral healthcare in ways that positively impact society.


Psychology for the Greater Good

At the Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health, we follow the footsteps of our psychological predecessors by using behavioral research to impact social change and benefit the community


Driving Change

Principles of psychology and research on human behavior have historically driven societally beneficial changes in public policy.


“If public policy provides solutions to social problems such as criminality, poverty, and substance abuse, it must be based on the scientific knowledge of human behavior, which is encompassed in the psychology discipline. Our founder, Dr. Nicholas Cummings, dedicated his life to advancing psychological knowledge to inform political powers on how they could better help the population. At the Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health, we now follow in the footsteps of our notable founder.”

Dr. Davena Longshore

Executive Director of Research, Operations, & Development

The Values That Help Us Thrive

Our Core Values

Embrace Change and Growth

Our goals are best accomplished by being open to new ideas. To this end, we seek out opportunities to broaden our knowledge and experiences. We reexamine our preconceptions and biases.

Learn Continuously
Act with Integrity
Prioritize Collaboration
Commit Fully